Discover the Endless Creative Talents of Abdul-Ahad Patel

The term ‘hard worker’, reserved for an individual with an outstanding work ethic, is often used to describe and commend any individual that displays a keen and determined inclination for ‘going above and beyond’ to achieve their goals. And when it comes to spoken word artist, actor, and writer Abdul-Ahad Patel, I can think of no designation more fitting to describe the aforementioned creative’s remarkable resolve, industrious attitude and conscientious work ethic.

In a span of just three years, Abdul-Ahad has catapulted himself from the open mic to headliner, from aspiring writer to self-published author, and from occasional extra to facing off with Joel Kinnamon in ‘The Informer’. These feats are all incredible in their own right, but when you factor in that Abdul-Ahad does all this while holding down full-time employment, it becomes even more impressive.

Abdul-Ahad’s indubitable commitment to quality is both confirmed and exemplified by his diligent approach toward each individual project he undertakes, wholly applying himself to every endeavour, determined to give the absolute best of himself regardless of the role. Whether it’s performing in front of an audience of poets at BBC’s Word First competition, painstakingly handcrafting his debut short story ‘Ghost of Shaolin’, or intimidating Joel Kinnamon’s Pete Koslow as Vermin, Abdul-Ahad exudes excellence, embodying a resoluteness that can only be found in the most ardent of individuals.


As we move towards 2022, the future looks bright for the incredibly gifted Abdul-Ahad. With his sights set on releasing a fourth book in the summer of the new year, and later, in the year 2023, a sequel to 2019’s ‘Ghost of Shaolin’ (a story aptly titled ‘The Shadow of Shaolin’), as well as his upcoming debut in a brand new Netflix show ‘The Last Bus’, the sky’s the limit for this uber talented individual.

Abdul-Ahad is a spoken word artist, actor and writer. He is best known for his role as Vermin in 2019 film ‘The Informer’. He is the author of the novel ‘Native’, short story ‘Ghost of Shaolin’, and novella ‘Escape’. He has appeared on BBC Xtra’s Word First competition and the Cheltenham Literature Festival. He currently writes for Link Up TV and MMA UK.

Written by: Liam Spencer


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