Words Crossing Borders with Dead Poet

Social media has bridged gaps in so many ways that have allowed creatives to build an audience from anywhere across the globe. Dead Poet, also known as Vipul, is a writer based in India that has used his social media network to spread his words and build a fan base of over 70,000 followers onContinue reading “Words Crossing Borders with Dead Poet”

So Long and Thanks for All the Material by Kilha McQueen

The wonderful Kilha McQueen released her debut book ‘So Long…and Thanks for all the Material’ with a fun-filled book launch in October that featured the likes of Sami Rhymes and fellow author, Charnjit Gill. Hosted by poet Jay C.C, the event gave the audience a beautiful insight into the inspirations behind the book through liveContinue reading “So Long and Thanks for All the Material by Kilha McQueen”

Wordplay Awards x WAF Festival 2022

We are proud to finally announce that we will be hosting our first awards show dedicated to poetry and musical spoken word in collaboration with the Wandsworth Arts Fringe Festival this Summer. The Wordplay Awards will recognise the amazing talent that has emerged from the underground poetry circuit with a wonderful line-up of spoken wordContinue reading “Wordplay Awards x WAF Festival 2022”

The Choice is Yours!

It’s been three weeks and you haven’t even looked at that poem you started working on almost two months ago. In fact, it’s gotten so bad, you’ve barely even thought about it. You’ve pushed the very idea of it into the deepest, darkest corner of your mind and left it to rot away like spoiledContinue reading “The Choice is Yours!”

Donald Glover’s ‘Atlanta’ Returns for its Third Season After Four Year Hiatus

Last Friday marked the return of the vastly popular Netflix series Top Boy, and now, just a week later, another series is making its much-anticipated return with Donald Glover’s (Aka. Childish Gambino) series Atlanta returning to screens on March 24. The series, which stars the multi-talented actor, writer, rapper, and singer Donald Glover, Joker actorContinue reading “Donald Glover’s ‘Atlanta’ Returns for its Third Season After Four Year Hiatus”

Popular Netflix Series ‘Top Boy’ Returns To Screens On March 18

On Friday, March 18 the Netflix series ‘Top Boy’ makes its much-anticipated return to the streaming service for its second season. Ashley Walters, Kane “Kano” Robinson, and Michael Ward will all reprise their roles while grime artist NoLay and ‘The Green Knight’ actor Erin Kellyman are set to debut in the popular drama this season.Continue reading “Popular Netflix Series ‘Top Boy’ Returns To Screens On March 18”

Let Your Truth Overcome Your Fear

Some of the greatest writers of our time will never set foot on a stage for no reason other than that they simply cannot, no matter how hard they try, quell their anxiety long enough to perform in front of a live audience. The truth is, there is nothing more difficult for an aspiring performerContinue reading “Let Your Truth Overcome Your Fear”

Is All Wordplay Good Wordplay?

Wordplay has rapidly become a staple in the work of many of today’s contemporary poets, with verse-makers all over the world incorporating impressive variations of double entendre and unique puns in order to elevate a piece of work to even greater heights. So, then, what is wordplay exactly? Wordplay is a literary device whereby writersContinue reading “Is All Wordplay Good Wordplay?”

Creative Block and Why It’s So Important to Find a Way to Push Through It

As a creative, it’s expected that there will be times throughout your artistic journey when those creative juices simply aren’t flowing quite as fluidly as you would like. Needless to say, creative blocks can be extremely daunting, and leave an individual hard-pressed to find a solution, especially when there’s a deadline to meet. But, theContinue reading “Creative Block and Why It’s So Important to Find a Way to Push Through It”

Is There Ever a Right Way to Write and Perform Poetry?

For centuries poets have used poetry as a medium for unfeigned, heartfelt expression, and taken to the stage to dazzle audiences with mesmeric displays of oral mastery and tradition. As with all creative mediums, poetry has certainly evolved over time with poets finding a profusion of ways in which to deliver their message, and itContinue reading “Is There Ever a Right Way to Write and Perform Poetry?”