Wordplay Awards x WAF Festival 2022

We are proud to finally announce that we will be hosting our first awards show dedicated to poetry and musical spoken word in collaboration with the Wandsworth Arts Fringe Festival this Summer. The Wordplay Awards will recognise the amazing talent that has emerged from the underground poetry circuit with a wonderful line-up of spoken word poets doing what they do best. All roads lead to The Bedford on the 19th June for a night of celebration and good vibes.

Last month we made a call out to all poets and musical spoken word artists for submissions that allowed us to shortlist our nominees for this special event. Not only were we blown away by the amount of poets that got involved, but we were inspired by the level of quality and wordplay delivered in different ways. We have selected our nominees for the following categories:

  • Best Female Spoken Word Poet 2022
  • Best Male Spoken Word Poet 2022
  • Best Spoken Word Newcomer 2022
  • Best Spoken Word Performance 2022
  • Best Musical Spoken Word Project 2022
  • Best Poem 2022
Wordplay & Flow x Neelofer Nova

Nominees will be announced on our website and across our social media accounts on Monday 9th May when voting opens, and you decide who takes home the award for each category on the night. Our collaboration with Wandsworth Arts Fringe Festival has given us a platform to spread our wordplay and flows to a whole new audience which we can educate and inspire with our art. We look forward to coming together and making this evening one to remember.

Tickets are limited and are now live on the Wandsworth Arts Fringe Festival website here.


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