Catch A Vibe With VERSES Poetry

The year has been a great one so far for the London poetry scene. Events are bigger and better than ever and we had the opportunity to catch up with the trio behind London based event VERSES. Jak, Nathan, and Nash have created a wonderful space over the years that has seen many poets graceContinue reading “Catch A Vibe With VERSES Poetry”

So Long and Thanks for All the Material by Kilha McQueen

The wonderful Kilha McQueen released her debut book ‘So Long…and Thanks for all the Material’ with a fun-filled book launch in October that featured the likes of Sami Rhymes and fellow author, Charnjit Gill. Hosted by poet Jay C.C, the event gave the audience a beautiful insight into the inspirations behind the book through liveContinue reading “So Long and Thanks for All the Material by Kilha McQueen”

Finding T.M/O with T Monterisi

Our Flow Feature 2022 series continues with the superb T Monterisi; a creative icon that has come and conquered in more ways than we will ever know. As someone that feels like she doesn’t fit in any type of box, Monterisi shares with us the turbulent yet beautiful life that has shaped her into oneContinue reading “Finding T.M/O with T Monterisi”

The Creative Free Fall of SpaceTu

Being creative is often a way for people to make themselves heard through their craft. Our Flow Feature 2022 series continues with SpaceTu; a creative that uses words to make sense of how he feels and his place in this life. With an extensive portfolio of musical projects that has taken him out of hisContinue reading “The Creative Free Fall of SpaceTu”

Hayah Talks Finding Freedom Through Her Flows

Modern poetry and spoken word has grown to become not only an elevated art but an avenue for people to also elevate themselves through expression. Our latest Flow Feature is the wonderful Hayah. A woman that is all about living her life in her own truth which we have had the privilege of witnessing onContinue reading “Hayah Talks Finding Freedom Through Her Flows”

Exploring Gratitude with the Great Annotate

The evolution of Annotate as a creative has been a heartwarming experience for his fellow creatives and audiences to witness over the years. We have the pleasure of getting to know how that evolution began as he graces the cover of our latest Flow Feature 2022 digital series. Captivating audiences with incredibly intense performances eachContinue reading “Exploring Gratitude with the Great Annotate”

Stripping it Back with Red Medusa

Our Flow Feature 2022 series kicks off with the formidable RED MEDUSA. An artiste. An educator. An inspiration to the masses. When we talk about spoken word, we take pride in sharing about the many high calibre wordsmiths that not only grace stages, but use their experiences to make a change by influencing one individualContinue reading “Stripping it Back with Red Medusa”

Wordplay Awards x WAF Festival 2022

We are proud to finally announce that we will be hosting our first awards show dedicated to poetry and musical spoken word in collaboration with the Wandsworth Arts Fringe Festival this Summer. The Wordplay Awards will recognise the amazing talent that has emerged from the underground poetry circuit with a wonderful line-up of spoken wordContinue reading “Wordplay Awards x WAF Festival 2022”

The Choice is Yours!

It’s been three weeks and you haven’t even looked at that poem you started working on almost two months ago. In fact, it’s gotten so bad, you’ve barely even thought about it. You’ve pushed the very idea of it into the deepest, darkest corner of your mind and left it to rot away like spoiledContinue reading “The Choice is Yours!”

Donald Glover’s ‘Atlanta’ Returns for its Third Season After Four Year Hiatus

Last Friday marked the return of the vastly popular Netflix series Top Boy, and now, just a week later, another series is making its much-anticipated return with Donald Glover’s (Aka. Childish Gambino) series Atlanta returning to screens on March 24. The series, which stars the multi-talented actor, writer, rapper, and singer Donald Glover, Joker actorContinue reading “Donald Glover’s ‘Atlanta’ Returns for its Third Season After Four Year Hiatus”