Finding T.M/O with T Monterisi

Our Flow Feature 2022 series continues with the superb T Monterisi; a creative icon that has come and conquered in more ways than we will ever know. As someone that feels like she doesn’t fit in any type of box, Monterisi shares with us the turbulent yet beautiful life that has shaped her into one of the best poets to watch out for. A woman on a mission to express unapologetically to heal and entertain, we dive into the story behind this dynamic individual and her adorable pup Beppe.

Tell us about T Monterisi

From hardship to growth, T Monterisi is someone that is very familiar with both concepts and has used her experiences to produce art in her own way. After losing her mother and feeling as if her world was spiraling, she went back to what she knew and loved, which was writing. What started as a way to vent turned into a way to inspire others on how to overcome their own challenges through expression.

I feel like I’m now living beyond the two year period of grief after losing my mum. It feels different but very exciting.

T Monterisi

An advocate for acknowledging her achievements no matter how big or small has enhanced Monterisi’s thinking when it comes to her craft and how she views the world. Since bursting back on the scene she has travelled all over the UK spoken word scene performing at events such as Groove Verse, Word of Mouth, and Vagina Fest. Monterisi also had the amazing opportunity to run her own exhibition event called ‘ALL PAUL’ in collaboration with Leeds Poetry Festival.


How has your writing journey progressed?

Monterisi first started writing out of frustration and confusion when she was based in Italy living with family, and had no Wi-Fi. The creative isolated herself for six months to focus on getting her emotions on the page which eventually evolved into her writing with a purpose to convey the messages she wanted people to hear.

I’ve been motivated a lot by my anger at the state of the world but I embrace that anger.

T Monterisi

Since returning to the poetry scene her writing style has adapted to fit the exceptional performances she delivers time and time again. Never one to shy away from expressing raw emotion through her work, Monterisi has the ability to captivate audiences when they feel their most vulnerable. This is what makes her work that much more relatable to the masses. She is constantly challenging herself to explore her internal roots and gain more understanding about who she is as an individual and the world she lives in.

What is coming next from the great T Monterisi?

With an extensive portfolio of features and collaborations under her belt already, we know that 2023 will be a bright year for Monterisi. We’re looking forward to her highly anticipated debut EP ‘Finding T.M/O’ produced by Charlie Boud which is due for release early next year. She describes the style of the project as paranoia inducing poetry and has given us a cheeky preview of what to expect.

I’ve released ‘The Shining’ on Spotify and other streaming platforms as a teaser for the upcoming EP ‘Finding T.M/O’.

T Monterisi

When asked about the process behind creating ‘Finding T.M/O’, T Monterisi laid it all out on the table. Producing an EP is never a small feat but producing one that aims to expose so much of oneself can be difficult on many levels. Touching on topics such as misogyny, masking, and capitalism, the EP discusses in depth about personal hurdles that have come with expressing herself.

I trigger myself heavily and in doing that I think beautiful answers are found. I don’t want it to look easy. The past five years have been unbelievably traumatic for me and I know I’m not the only one feeling it. I believe in stripping pain from its power, and for me, this project has done exactly that.

T Monterisi

‘Finding T.M/O’ is set for release early next year which will be followed by a string of performances from T Monterisi across London and beyond. It is very clear that there are no limits to this artist’s ambition to become one of the best spoken word poets to grace the stage, and we are wishing her all the best with this new venture.


Creative Director & Writer: Tannika Taylor @tannikataylor

Photographer: Matty

Cover Design: Simplexcity @simplexcitycc


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