The Creative Free Fall of SpaceTu

Being creative is often a way for people to make themselves heard through their craft. Our Flow Feature 2022 series continues with SpaceTu; a creative that uses words to make sense of how he feels and his place in this life. With an extensive portfolio of musical projects that has taken him out of his comfort zone in many ways, we get an insight into the inspirations behind these projects and the mind of the man creating them.


Who is SpaceTu?

A man of adventure yet a man of introversion. Two traits that many creatives across all industries can relate to in one way or another. SpaceTu considers himself a writer rather than a rapper, but music has had a heavy influence on the work that he puts out to the world. Coupled with becoming more comfortable with busking in public spaces such as Central London, he eventually started to go with the flow and evolve into the free spirit he describes himself as today. When asked about some of the thoughts that motivate him to write in the way that he does he said:

Sometimes I feel like I’m not heard but being the centre of attention has never appealed to me. I like to let my words do the talking.


As someone that has experienced social anxiety, SpaceTu found peace through attending open mic nights and busking regularly which encouraged him to be more open about what he was doing. His real love for rap emerged when he heard a rap cypher that made him want to take the art seriously. He realised that it was something that made him fundamentally happy and he was good at it. It wasn’t about fame or recognition it was about expressing himself on his own terms. SpaceTu wanted to pursue rap purely because he enjoyed it.

How would you describe your style of music?

When it comes to describing his style of music, SpaceTu doesn’t stick to just one approach. His work often gets compared to spoken word but he still considers it rap even though it doesn’t always sound like it. Inspired by genres such as jazz and neo-soul he often says that his work is referred to as bedroom music.

My music hits best when you’re chilling on your own catching a vibe. People who are more introverted relate to my music more.


His first project ‘Freefall’ was named as a metaphor for him falling from space and the feeling of being in that free fall for too long starting to make him think about the end. Influenced by his battle with depression this project is filled with angry, bitter, and lonely emotions portrayed in a subtle way that resonates with those who indulge. Many creatives have the ability to adapt their work based on how they feel and this process often produces the most authentic art that we share with the world. SpaceTu’s second project ‘Sage & Cigarettes’ is where his style shifted. Although it still reflected on his life experiences he was able to develop a more positive and upbeat energy that showcased his growth as an individual as well as an artist.

Sage & Cigarettes

What can we look forward to from the one and only SpaceTu?

Earlier this year we saw SpaceTu and RVJ Poet collaborate on RVJ’s debut album ‘Closing Doors’ and we’ve caught him on stage doing what he does best more than a few times, so of course we had to explore what else the humble creative has coming in future. SpaceTu’s love for music is ever expanding and he has recently started a band called ‘Handshake Emoji’ where he is both a drummer and a pianist. The musician is working on his new project ‘Excuse The Mess That Is My Mind’ which is currently in the works and set for release in 2023, and when he was asked about his goal as a musician and creative he said:

It can be difficult to get inspiration from beats that I produce myself sometimes, but I’m becoming more patient with that side of the process. I would like to get to a point where I can just rap.


As I grow as an artist I’m getting closer to what SpaceTu means to me.


Freefall and Sage & Cigarettes are both available on streaming platforms including Spotify and we’re sure that Handshake Emoji will be coming to a stage near you soon.

Creative director: Tannika Taylor @tannikataylor

Writer: Tannika Taylor @tannikataylor

Photographer: Matty @mattysgallery

Cover Design: Simplexcity @simplexcitycc


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