Words Crossing Borders with Dead Poet

Social media has bridged gaps in so many ways that have allowed creatives to build an audience from anywhere across the globe. Dead Poet, also known as Vipul, is a writer based in India that has used his social media network to spread his words and build a fan base of over 70,000 followers on Twitter. Aiming to inspire people to heal, Dead Poet found his love for writing through his love for reading, and is currently working to reach his goal of becoming a full-time writer.

As someone who has always loved reading as a form of meditation, Dead Poet was encouraged to write by the writers that he loved. The art of poetry has become a foundation of his life, and he aspires to create motivational work that triggers positive emotions in his readers. Dead Poet wants to leave a legacy that so many beloved writers have achieved, and is using social media to establish his lane. Without his platforms, Dead Poet expressed that he couldn’t imagine connecting with the large audience that he has. He considers the tech evolution as a blessing that has contributed to his growth as a writer, and given him the means to connect with the masses.

After taking a lengthy break from writing, the 26-year-old is now developing his debut book and has plans to travel internationally so he can finally meet some of his fans in person. Challenging himself to adapt to different writing styles, 2023 looks like a prosperous year for Dead Poet when it comes to expanding his audience. We look forward to seeing what’s next from the emerging creative in the New Year but you can keep up to date by following Dead Poet here on Twitter and Instagram.


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