The Power of Healing Through Words with Kali Gld

Our 2021 Flow Feature series continues with the one and only Kali Gld. The musician, producer, and poet gave a magnificent performance at ATL’s Word On The Street’s debut open mic event earlier this year, and has so much more to come as the New Year approaches. The Jamaican-born creative is determined to make her mark whilst sharing her raw truths with the world.

What encouraged you to start writing?

Kali started writing at the age of 12 after her mother passed away. The loss of a parent isn’t easy at a young age, but the bereavement was a significant trigger for her creative process, and over time her process of expressing through a pen evolved into a passion that has brought her to many stages across London.

Although she had love for her craft, life took Kali in a different direction where she became a chef for eight years. Whilst in this line of work she still had a great passion for music and poetry which led her to study music production at London Metropolitan University. This was the first step towards her pursuing what she believed was the path that was truly meant for her.

My Dad was also a musician who used to sing. I performed with him once and loved the feeling that I felt. I knew that this was what I wanted to do.

Kali Gld – Musician, Producer, and Poet

Tell us about one piece that explains the inspirations behind your writings?

My piece called Anxiety was written when I was in a delicate place in my life.

Kali Gld

Kali eventually came to a crossroad when it came to what she wanted to pursue in life. After being a chef for so long, it seemed like the most secure option, however her love of music and poetry wasn’t going anywhere. The more she was inspired by the life around her, the people she met along the way, and the world in general, she realised that these art forms need to be a part of her life, and took a leap of faith.

Kali works from a place of healing. When people listen to her music, she wants them to feel a sense of progress; a sense of power. She is an advocate for overcoming hardship by doing the things you love the most where possible, and we couldn’t agree more.

What are you currently working on?

Music has been Kali’s main focus recently. She hasn’t been working on poetry as much, but alongside studying music production, she is now working on her debut EP. The project titled ICU (Intensive Care Unit) draws upon her experiences this year between April and July.

All the lyrics for this project were written during that period of time, and now I’m working on the music side of things.

Kali Gld – Musician, Producer, and Poet

Tapping into our life experiences is something that many creatives do and use to produce some of their best work. The same goes for Kali Gld. Despite her personal experiences, music and poetry has been arts that have allowed her to discover her own way to deal with those experiences. It’s safe to say that Kali Gld’s new project is going to be one of a kind just like her, and we can’t wait to hear what this great talent has coming in 2022. Keep up with her journey on socials via: @kaligld_

Photographer: @souldiaries

Creative director: @tannikataylor

Writer: @tannikataylor


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