Three Local Theatres That Are Keeping Performing Arts Alive

Theatres are a crucial part of arts and culture in the UK and beyond. The pandemic hit the theatre industry hard, and now we’re moving forward we’re introducing you to three local theatres that are giving opportunities to the talents that deserve it whilst keeping performing arts alive and kicking.

Kiln Theatre – Kilburn

Winner of the Best London at the Stage Awards 2021, the Kiln Theatre has made a brilliant comeback supporting creatives across the arts since restrictions have eased. The 292 seat theatre alongside a 300 seat cinema, bar, restaurant, and rehearsal spaces provide the local community with much needed creative support and opportunities that benefit the people of Brent and beyond.

Credit: The Wife Of Willesden – Kiln Theatre

Kiln Theatre creates beautifully crafted work that amplifies unheard voices and directs them to the mainstream stage. Internationally recognised for high quality productions, the theatre is known for telling big stories that focus on human connections across cultures, race, and languages that have been strengthening the diversity within the performing arts sector for years. They offer free opportunities that allow creatives to express who they are and develop their skills to be the best at what they desire to do, and this is an establishment that is essential to the elevation of the hidden talent based in Brent.


Theatre Peckham – Peckham

Theatre Peckham is part of the Arts Council England’s National Portfolio, and we are proud to share how much they have contributed to not only the poetry community, but the arts community as a whole. Winner of the Drama and Theatre Magazine Editor’s Award in April 2021, Theatre Peckham boasts an amazing 200-seat theatre alongside studios, and thrives on showcasing new talent in addition to raising awareness about different art forms that contribute to stunning theatre productions.

Credit: Theatre Peckham

They have supported some of the best poetry platforms based in London that primarily focus on mental health and the development of youth. These platforms include Poetic Unity and Mind Over Matter which have both been a crutch for those that heal from expressing their truths through the pandemic until now. Theatre Peckham is an integral part of the Peckham community for those interested in pursuing the arts or discovering new ways to develop their talents. Connected to both the local and national creative community, they invite all to get involved and feed their creativity.


Bush Theatre – Shepherds Bush

Known for discovering and nurturing the best new playwrights from all backgrounds, Bush Theatre is one to watch for 2022. They showcase contemporary stories with wit, style, and passion that are nothing less than entertaining. Located in the heart of Shepherds Bush, the establishment has two theatre spaces in addition to their Library Bar Cafe which is approximately a ten minute walk from Shepherds Bush Station.

Throughout the year, Bush Theatre offers multiple ways for artists to work with them. They have have announced a new season of productions that is nothing short of the quality productions they released before the pandemic. The theatre takes pride in giving a voice to the underrepresented whilst delivering memorable entertainment that will be appreciated for years to come.

Written by: Tannika Taylor


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