Is All Wordplay Good Wordplay?

Wordplay has rapidly become a staple in the work of many of today’s contemporary poets, with verse-makers all over the world incorporating impressive variations of double entendre and unique puns in order to elevate a piece of work to even greater heights. So, then, what is wordplay exactly? Wordplay is a literary device whereby writersContinue reading “Is All Wordplay Good Wordplay?”

Creative Block and Why It’s So Important to Find a Way to Push Through It

As a creative, it’s expected that there will be times throughout your artistic journey when those creative juices simply aren’t flowing quite as fluidly as you would like. Needless to say, creative blocks can be extremely daunting, and leave an individual hard-pressed to find a solution, especially when there’s a deadline to meet. But, theContinue reading “Creative Block and Why It’s So Important to Find a Way to Push Through It”

Is There Ever a Right Way to Write and Perform Poetry?

For centuries poets have used poetry as a medium for unfeigned, heartfelt expression, and taken to the stage to dazzle audiences with mesmeric displays of oral mastery and tradition. As with all creative mediums, poetry has certainly evolved over time with poets finding a profusion of ways in which to deliver their message, and itContinue reading “Is There Ever a Right Way to Write and Perform Poetry?”

Find Out How You Could Star in Rapman’s New UK Series

Last year it was confirmed that the mind behind the UK film Blue Story, Rapman, would be producing a new superhero series set in South London called ‘Supercell’. Commissioned by Netflix after being recognised globally for his online short film Shiro’s Story, the series is set to be a winner and here is how youContinue reading “Find Out How You Could Star in Rapman’s New UK Series”

Did Someone Say Wordplay & Flow Are Going Live?

It has nearly been a year since we launched our Wordplay & Flow digital platform during the height of the pandemic and much uncertainty. Yet this didn’t stop us from producing the amazing content over the last nine months from our Flow Feature series to our weekly articles covering poetry, arts, and culture that haveContinue reading “Did Someone Say Wordplay & Flow Are Going Live?”

Poetic Unity Supporting the Youth of Our Communities

Brixton based charity organisation, Poetic Unity have been creating poetry based initiatives which provide support and safe spaces for young people and wordsmiths alike. Launched by Ryan, also known as Ragz, Poetic Unity has become a fundamental part of the arts community with the aim of using poetry to help youth express how they feel,Continue reading “Poetic Unity Supporting the Youth of Our Communities”

‘Yours Sincerely, Asim’

On the 29th of December, one of the spoken word scene’s most prominent performers, Asim the Poet, released his debut poetry anthology titled Yours Sincerely, Asim. The 100-page collection coincides with the poet’s recent marriage last December, which saw the newlywed dedicate the collection to his wife. Asim the Poet, a regular at events suchContinue reading “‘Yours Sincerely, Asim’”

A Dream Turned Reality: The Story of Hayati Open Mic

Over the last few years, we’ve witnessed the poetry scene grow and blossom into something truly remarkable, with a great number of event initiatives being established across London, presenting poets from all over the city with a platform to share their truth on. Needless to say, London’s poetry scene is booming, and with endeavours likeContinue reading “A Dream Turned Reality: The Story of Hayati Open Mic”

Four Poetry Collections Every Poet Should Own

We have gathered four poetry collections by four exceptional poets that you should know about and dive into next year. 4. Helium Rudy Francisco’s ‘Helium’ is what all poetry collections aspire to be: memorable. Somehow, Rudy’s anthology manages to be thought provoking, resonant, occasionally funny, and incredibly honest. The award-winning poet skilfully addresses an arrayContinue reading “Four Poetry Collections Every Poet Should Own”

Breaking Boundaries Through Spoken Word and Theatre with jodY

With another intense year coming to an end we wrap up our 2021 Flow Feature series with the magnificent writer and performance poet, jodY. With his comedic energy coupled with his free-spirited personality, we have enjoyed seeing this creative evolve over the last year both on and off the stage. With aims to break bothContinue reading “Breaking Boundaries Through Spoken Word and Theatre with jodY”