Creative Block and Why It’s So Important to Find a Way to Push Through It

As a creative, it’s expected that there will be times throughout your artistic journey when those creative juices simply aren’t flowing quite as fluidly as you would like. Needless to say, creative blocks can be extremely daunting, and leave an individual hard-pressed to find a solution, especially when there’s a deadline to meet. But, the truth is, these creative blocks are unfortunately common territory for someone that relies on or is relied upon for their creativity.

There is no definitive solution for how to overcome a creative block, especially considering there is more than one reason for a one to exist in the first place. That said, the arrival of this inauspicious mindset does not need to be so mind-numbingly frustrating as to foreshadow complete ruination. Granted, a creative block is undoubtedly difficult to move past, but provided you’re able to find the motivation, there is great benefit in utilising other creative works for inspiration.


As it concerns poetry, inspiration can certainly be found in listening to the work of other artists, particularly those with a similar purpose, approach, or style. Then again, inspiration can also be sourced from work that is completely contrary to your own. It’s all just a matter of actively seeking the means to conquer that stifling mindset.

So, attend events, engage in productive conversations on the topic, listen to spoken word offerings from your favourite poets online, or even look to some of your older material to help you decide what comes next, do whatever you think will help; the important thing is to keep at it. It may take some time, but you will eventually get over that creative slump, and when you do, you’ll look back and realise the experience, as vexing as it was, was just a minor bump on the road to greatness.

Written by: Liam Spencer


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