‘Yours Sincerely, Asim’

On the 29th of December, one of the spoken word scene’s most prominent performers, Asim the Poet, released his debut poetry anthology titled Yours Sincerely, Asim. The 100-page collection coincides with the poet’s recent marriage last December, which saw the newlywed dedicate the collection to his wife.

Credit: David Garcia

Asim the Poet, a regular at events such as the FLO Vortex, of which he was personally named a FLO Poet by the “Floacist” Natalie Stewart in 2019, and the one-time event Just Rhyme, which he headlined later the same year, has proven time and again that he is one of the most gifted and versatile poets on the entire scene. Whether he’s wowing audiences with superb wordplay and intricate metaphors or earning the applause of a captivated audience following an unexpected twist at the end of some masterful storytelling, Asim can do it all.


Yours Sincerely, Asim is not only another example of the poet’s impressive versatility, but also a testament to his extraordinary work ethic and willingness to explore avenues, some may consider, out of his comfort zone. The collection, now available to purchase on Amazon, is more than just a feather in the poet’s proverbial cap, it is the consolidation of the multifarious nature of his work, further cementing that there is no genre too daunting for this wordsmith to tackle.

Credit: David Garcia

Since his arrival on the poetry scene, Asim has been one of its keenest supporters, often travelling over a hundred miles from Leicester to attend spoken word nights and staying put until the event’s conclusion. Now with 2021 behind him and the title of author added to his list of accomplishments, Asim the Poet looks to make 2022 another fruitful year filled with success.

Asim the Poet is an award-nominated spoken word artist and FLO Poet. He is a creative workshop facilitator and motivational speaker, and the author of ‘Yours Sincerely, Asim’.

Written by: Liam Spencer


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