Birmingham Poets Set To Launch New Poetry Event Aiming To Empower

Birmingham based poet, author, and actor Ryan Sinclair is launching his very own spoken word event in his hometown. Empower Poetry aims to showcase the brilliant poets that Birmingham have to offer by giving them a new safe space to perform their art. Ryan was inspired to launch his new event after exploring the London poetry scene which is filled with open mic nights where poets share their truths.

After featuring at various London poetry events and attracting a growing audience, Ryan has inspired more poets from Birmingham to connect with events in London. Currently there are only a few consistent poetry events running in Birmingham and Ryan wants to change the narrative of how poets from outside of the capital city are perceived and received. Alongside his Empower partner Kohinoor, Ryan and his team are determined to put Birmingham and Midland poets on the map, and we are 100% here for it.

Empower Poetry’s debut event is the 24th November

Kohinoor Yasmin is a writer and poet that has featured on Hayati Open Mic by Ort Gallery in addition to performing for virtual poetry platforms based in the United States. She found her love for writing at the age of eight drawing upon her early experiences as inspiration, and has been indulging in the craft ever since.

I love reading, travelling, and cooking. I’m especially passionate about alternative education, and investing in our youth. One of my goals in life is to change the lives of those around me; one poem at a time.

Kohinoor Yasmin – Poet, Photographer, and Mentor

Ryan Sinclair highlights that it isn’t easy for all poets based outside of London to access the poetry events we have to offer on a weekly basis. Empower Poetry will be another step in bridging the gap between poets from Birmingham and London, and we are eager to see the new talent that the spoken word circuit has underground.

I think it’s only right that I use my resources to boost the poetry community in Birmingham and help poets to get paid.

Ryan Sinclair – Poet, Author, & Mentor

Empower Poetry’s debut event is on the 24th November from 7pm onwards at the 7 Sins Lounge based in Digbeth. The night is set to be one to remember with feature performances from Birmingham based poets that have something to say.


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