The Vortex Has Reopened!

Hold onto your seats and get ready to be blown away because on the 31st October, FLO Vortex makes its long-awaited return!

Hosted by the multi-platinum, award-winning singer, songwriter and poet, Natalie “The Floacist” Stewart, FLO Vortex became an instant success following its inception in 2014. Since then, the Vortex has welcomed poets, rappers and singers from all over the world with artists from America, Canada and Africa joining members of the UK’s increasingly popular poetry scene to take to the stage and wow audiences with mind-bending wordplay, captivating storytelling and hypnotising lyricism.

Now, after a lengthy hiatus due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, for the first time since early 2020, England’s leading spoken word event reopens its doors to the public when Breakin’ Convention presents Let’s Do Leadenhall (an initiative designed to provide free cultural events around London).


The rules are simple: at the start of the night, FLO Vortex founder Natalie Stewart will open the Vortex. From there, each poet has 3-5 minutes to share a piece of their choosing. There are no introductions. When the Vortex is opened, it is upon the selected poets on that night to choose when they wish to enter. They state their name, they recite their piece, and they state their name again. It’s that simple. This is the unique and incredibly exciting formula that has helped FLO Vortex become the most exhilarating night in poetry.

And that’s not all! If you really can’t wait for the 31st, you can whet your appetite on the 20th October when FLO Vortex in collaboration with Blackbird brings you FLO Vortex: CIPHERS live on Twitter. 20 incredible poets from all over the world enter the Vortex and FLO!

For more information on the highly anticipated return of the FLO Vortex at Leadenhall Market, head over to the official Breakin’ Convention website. 

Written by: Liam Spencer


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