ATLS Word On The Street’s Debut Event Success

You know we love everything poetry and the arts, so we had to talk about the amazing new platform called ATL’s Word On The Street founded by poet Aicha Therese. The debut poetry event was held on Sunday and blew everyone away with the slick wordplay, and diverse talent that graced the stage. Headliners included wordsmiths such as Ley Speaks, Chloe Carterr (yes, with two R’s), 98Jayda, and Kali Gld who shut it down as they always do. Topped off with cultural flows by Rayvon also known as RVJ Wordplay, and comedic vibes by Jay C, the night was definitely one to remember.


Of course the fun didn’t stop there, and we were mesmerized by the open mic performances that ranged from poetry to raw vocals which captivated the audience, and made this sell out show worth every penny and more. Hosted by founder and poet, Aicha Therese, the space represented live freedom of expression with no judgement. Something we missed so much in 2020, but as the UK opens up again, it’s events like these that keep the poetry community alive and buzzing.

Founder: Aicha Therese Headliners: Kali Gld, Ley Speaks, Chloe Carterr, Rayvon, 98Jayda & Jay C

Whether you are an established poet or a first-time performer, ATL’s Word On The Street should definitely be on your poetry event bucket list this summer. The next show is yet to be announced, but it surely isn’t one to be missed. Tickets start from £5, and you get to grab yourself a cheeky cocktail or coffee while you enjoy creatives speaking their truths.

Keep up with ATL’s Word On The Street via Instagram @atlswordonthestreet


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