Breaking Boundaries Through Spoken Word and Theatre with jodY

With another intense year coming to an end we wrap up our 2021 Flow Feature series with the magnificent writer and performance poet, jodY. With his comedic energy coupled with his free-spirited personality, we have enjoyed seeing this creative evolve over the last year both on and off the stage. With aims to break both personal and professional boundaries through his work we explore where jodY plans to take his art next.

What has 2021 been like for you as a creative?

2021 has been an active year for jodY, but he never thought that he would be headlining multiple shows doing what he loved due to the pandemic. From open stages, to headlining events, to performing on the Bafta winning Sky Arts programme, Life & Rhymes, this year has been one of opportunity, growth, and development despite the global challenge we have all had to face. He began performing snippets of his play that blends spoken word with seamless acting and subtle comedy. His previews have received grand responses from all the audiences that have had the pleasure of getting to watch one of his biggest projects in the making come to life.

The play is about specific memories relating to my childhood. I touch on themes such as masculinity, abuse, alcohol, and general mental health issues that aren’t spoken about as much as they should be.

jodY – Poet & Creative

What can you tell us about the play that you’re producing?

I don’t want to rush it. I don’t believe in half-assed performances if you’re going to pay money to see me. I always think about people that sculpt ice. You can either rush it and get your 15 minutes of fame, or you can take your time delicately crafting away and people will remember you for years to come.

jodY – Poet & Creative

In order to make sure that what he reveals to the world through his play is worth it, jodY is working at his own pace; a trait that all creators should embrace where possible. He has been working on the project, entitled Divulge; Evolve, for over four years as he peeled back the layers of how he came to be the man he is today. Divulge; Evolve has revealed a lot about jodY’s capabilities to himself as he exposes the darkest experiences of his life in an artistic way.

The semi-colon is used to support the semi-colon project that focuses on mental health. The semi-colon tattoo is used a message of solidarity against suicide, addiction, and other mental health issues.

jodY – Poet & Creative

Where do you want to take your craft in the upcoming future?

Taking poetry to the theatre stage isn’t the only thing that jodY wants to achieve in the near future. He has grown to love the thrilling and competitive nature of slam poetry which he believes would fit his unique performance style. After making his mark within the UK poetry scene and being ready to take to the theatre stage, we have no doubt that slam poetry will bring out even more slick and comedic wordplay that we love so much.

I believe I’m a great performer, and I’m a big believer in giving yourself positive words of affirmation.

jodY – Poet & Creative

If you’re a fan of slam poetry, then you definitely know that the US has some brilliant events featuring some of the best wordsmiths on the scene. jodY aims to go international to explore what the poetry community has to offer outside of London. He would love the opportunity to perform at The Poetry Cafe in LA and experience the Public Theatre in New York City which will allow him to connect new creatives, and develop his talents across the board. We look forward to seeing where jodY’s journey takes him in the New Year.

Photographer: @souldiaries

Creative director: @tannikataylor

Writer: @tannikataylor

Videographer: @themetaphorest


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