Wordplay & Flow: One’s to Watch 2022

Wordplay & Flow have handpicked a sensational selection of creatives across poetry and music that will continue paving the way for emerging artists with their inspiring stories, and the different ways that they have navigated their creative journey’s. There is never one way to get to the same destination, and these four creatives highlight this is the best way.


Anusha – Musician

Anusha’s life as a musician started at the tender age of three as she used music to communicate the complex feelings that she felt she couldn’t express with words growing up. After joining local choirs, music groups, and learning cover songs on the high street she started to realise that she was good at relaying stories through music.

Whether it was fabricated or not, I could put on a show. That feeling of entertaining people, whether it be through my lyrics, my vocal ability, or just the feeling I get being on stage was what encouraged me to start making music the way that I wanted to.

Anusha – Musician

What is the story behind your latest single, Loser?

Loser is a single that is so much fun and I think people would really like it. I wrote the song about a conversation I had in 2019 where I wanted clarity on a friendship, but instead I got called all sorts of horrible names. The who song is sarcastic. I had fun with it.

Anusha – Musician

Anusha likes to confront things that are uncomfortable through her craft. She isn’t one to shy away from topics that are close to her such as sexual assault, her disabilities, and what she feels about the functionality of society. Confronting her own emotions is what inspires her to translate those feelings in a positive way through her music.

What are we watching out for in 2022?

Anusha reassures us that 2022 is looking like an exciting year for her creatively. From exploring new sounds to moving to a new home, the New Year will be one of growth, development, and savouring the joys of doing what you love.

Without revealing too much, I’m going to be releasing more singles and multimedia projects that expand on my last single Loser. It’s going to be a transitional year personally.

Anusha – Musician

You can stream her latest single ‘Loser’ across all major platforms and keep up with what’s next: @anushaldn

Marc Marcel

Marc Marcel is an American based poet that found his love for poetry through writing and publishing his first novel, Saint Thomas. He used the art to provide an overall view of his longer body of work; writing a poem that gave the reader the same feeling that his novel did, but in a shorter version.

I started writing other poems that wasn’t associated with the book and started to fall in love with the way I could get an idea out in a much shorter time than a novel.

Marc Marcel – Poet & Author

What is the poetry scene like in the United States?

The scene in the US has changed a lot over time. I came up during a time when social media wasn’t as big as it is now. To get a gig today is much easier than before.

We really had to grind. I would get in my car and drive around the country going to poetry venue after poetry venue, city to city selling my CDs.

Marc Marcel – Poet & Author

Technology may have changed the way Marc pushed his work out to the world, but it didn’t change the authenticity that went into each poem and performance. He has engaged with the poetry community across the globe and feels as if the friendly, ambitious vibe is always the same.

What are we watching out for 2022?

Like many creatives, writing is just one of Marc’s many talents. He has created his very own cartoon called Guru’s which he hopes to get streaming in the near future. Although the cartoon doesn’t have poetry involved, Marc expressed that all the years he has spent working on poetry made it possible for him to come up with the idea.

I used to draw when I was younger, so all those years of drawing came in handy when I decided to animate the cartoon.

Marc Marcel – Poet & Author

If launching a new cartoon wasn’t enough, the wordsmith is looking forward to releasing his 20th spoken word album which we’re sure will encapsulate some of the great moments Marc has achieved over the years doing what he does best.

Be sure to keep up with what’s next: @marcmarcel @guruscartoon

Curly Wordy

Curly Wordy – Poet & Creative

The last 15 months have been a soul-warming experience as Curly Wordy after fully immersing herself back into the poetry scene to share what she had to say. Since renewing her vows with her pen she feels as if she has gone full circle, having returned to a path that was always intended for her. ‘I feel woke.’

I have always been a writer; it’s in my bones. Poetry is my power. Storytelling is in my DNA.

Curly Wordy – Poet & Creative

What are some of the inspirations behind your poetry?

Curly has always been inspired by the stories of others when writing. As a journalist, she enjoyed shining a light on the heroes that walked among us; the underdogs that triumphed. Writing poetry is a form of release for her; a sacred and personal experience that she picked up again a decade after her mothers passing.

Now, through my poetry I have found the confidence to shine a light on my own story, my rising, and how I triumphed over adversity and trauma.

Curly Wordy – Poet & Creative

What are we watching out for in 2022?

Not only will she continue to grace stages across London with her powerful performances, Curly Wordy is keen to expand on her journalism work by pursuing new areas such as voice overs and musical spoken word. She will be facilitating children’s workshops during Children’s Mental Health Week 2022.

Moving away from her poetry, Curly will be launching a Crowdfund in the near future with the hope of publishing a children’s book that will help support children with parent loss.

Poetry for me is like raw soul food. It allows me to share my unsung story with the hope to inspire, heal, and enlighten others.

Curly Wordy – Poet & Creative

Maavi Poet

Maavi – Author & Poet

Maavi Poet began writing snippets of his poems on Twitter at the age of 20, and since then has gained over 150,000 followers that enjoy reading his work. His unique way of gripping his audiences with words has got him recognition from all over the globe, including celebrities such as Kim Kardashian. Maavi published his debut poetry book ‘Moonlit Verse’ in 2018 before being introduced to the Poetry Jam a year later to perform spoken word.

I did a poem on racism and Islamophobia which allowed me to feature on BBC Radio twice, and I’ve now published an anthology with the poets that I met when I first started spoken word at the Poetry Jam.

Maavi Poet – Author & Poet

What does your poetry reflect about you?

Maavi recognises that life comes with many trials and tribulations, and writing can be a powerful way to relate to others who share similar experiences. He focuses on the challenges that young people are faced with in society as they get older, and uses his work to reach out to those that may feel isolated and unheard.

I’m dedicated to having my work represented in various forms so more people will have access to it. I want my poetry to connect with as many people as possible.

Maavi Poet – Author & Poet

What are we watching out for in 2022?

A big focus for Maavi Poet in 2022 is featuring at more slam poetry events to showcase what he can do in a completely different way.

I tend to perform whenever an opportunity is available. I’m looking to collaborate more and possibly release another book.

Maavi Poet – Author & Poet

After releasing his collaborative anthology project with poets from The Poetry Jam, Maavi is keen to release a solo book with the hopes of partnering with traditional publishers for it’s development and distribution.

Keep up with what he has in store for us next: @maavipoet



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