The Creative Evolution Of Leyenda Speaks

As Black History Month draws to a close, we introduce the brilliant Leyenda Speaks to end it with the bang it needs. The 25-year-old spoken word poet and creative from South London launched his latest EP, Metamorphosis this year, and already has his eyes set on new heights. Since accepting that art and creative expression was going to be a major part of his life, Ley has become “obsessed” with documenting the journey along the way and we’ve had the pleasure of being along for the ride.

Metamorphosis – ‘A change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one’.

Where did it all start for you?

Ley Speaks’ area of South London had a big influence on his work as he used his personal experiences and how they have shaped his mentality as a foundation for the work that he creates. Like most writers, he found his love for his craft studying English in school, but wanted to explore how he could combine words with other forms of creative arts. Music has always been a passion of his, and when asked about how he felt about fusing spoken word with music he said:

I’ve always loved music, combining my poetry with music felt like a natural process to me.

Ley Speaks

How did your first EP ‘Spring Baby’ come to life?

Released in 2020, the themes of Spring Baby are centred around new beginnings and nature. The EP encapsulates his journey up until a certain point whilst highlighting the rebirth he was experiencing in both his personal and creative life.

Spring Baby descended when mother nature gave birth.

Metamorphosis – Lion Cub

He doesn’t hold back on confronting his emotions head on as he shares his truth on the world around him with effortless flows that you can’t help but relate to. The entire body of work is its own little world that anyone would want to take a mini escape to. Ley has mastered how to weave his interests and intellect together with ease, whilst drawing upon his ups and downs to bring you spoken word poetry in his own unique form.

Working on Spring Baby allowed me to express different aspects of what I’m about. My lyricism, quirkiness, and creativity.

Ley Speaks

Stream Spring Baby here

Tell us more about your latest project ‘Metamorphosis’?

Ley openly expressed that he followed his intuition when creating this project, and once it was finished, he instantly started to think what was next. He likes to think that Metamorphosis takes you through an experience of accepting ones self and acknowledging the process of growth as an individual. Each track features raw and honest wordplay, and storytelling, yet doesn’t compromise on the beautiful sounds that come together to create something truly exceptional.

Being ahead of what the body understands is one of the reasons I launched Metamorphosis when the pandemic had settled.

Ley Speaks

He named one of his tracks on the EP Lion Cub because there is a line from his track Equinox that features on his Spring Baby EP – ‘Birth of a dandy lion, raw determination’, which highlights how Ley meticulously ensures that his work is a true representation of his evolution over time.

What would you say your favourite tracks are from your projects?

Asking any artist what their favourite tracks are from their projects is always a difficult one for them to answer, and it’s no different for Ley Speaks. Having produced two brilliant projects in less than two years in addition to singles that are just as great as the collections, we got him to break them down for us:

If I HAD to choose I would say that March 20th, Vincent Van Gogh, and Why Does Bad Come Fast But Leaves Slow are probably my favourites from Spring Baby. They each tell their own individual stories.

It’s really hard to choose a favourite from Metamorphosis. I love Lion Cub for so many reasons. One being the Lion King references but also the references linked to my Spring Baby Ep.

My second single Hearticulate is definitely one of my favourites, not only because of its lyrics, but it allowed me to explore my creativity when releasing its official video.

Ley Speaks

What is next for the great Ley Speaks?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there is more on the way from our poetic genius Ley Speaks. He is currently working on another detailed project which has more soul undertones in terms of genre.

I love musical poetry so I’m really excited to work with soulful-ish instrumentals, guitarists, and pianists etc. Before that I’d like to try a few other things including facilitating workshops and releasing more visuals.

Ley Speaks

We know first hand that Leyenda has so much more to come regarding musical spoken word, but until then you can stream both Spring Baby and Metamorphosis on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and various other streaming platforms.


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