So Long and Thanks for All the Material by Kilha McQueen

The wonderful Kilha McQueen released her debut book ‘So Long…and Thanks for all the Material’ with a fun-filled book launch in October that featured the likes of Sami Rhymes and fellow author, Charnjit Gill. Hosted by poet Jay C.C, the event gave the audience a beautiful insight into the inspirations behind the book through live performances, and what we can expect next from the multi-talented Kilha.

In the months leading up to the release Kilha performed poems that feature in the book including ‘Cairo’ and ‘She Can’t Be Me’ at popular events such as Mind Over Matter and our very own Wordplay & Flow live for this years International Women’s Day. The book draws upon Kilha’s personal experiences throughout her life as a woman, a creative, and a counsellor who works with young people and adults using creative interventions. Her commitment to raising awareness about dyslexia, ADHD, and PTSD through her writings has continuously helped others push their own boundaries when it comes to being creative.


Kilha also hosts the London based poetry event Poetics; an open mic that has an engaging panellist setup where the audience can connect directly with the headliners for tips and tricks on how to write, perform, and overcome the challenges that come with establishing yourself as a poet.

Her debut poetry collection ‘So Long….and Thanks for All the Material’ is available to purchase now on Amazon and we’re pleased to know that Kilha has her debut EP on the way called ‘Unbroken’ which is due for release in 2023. The project will feature poems from her poetry book in addition to unheard material that showcases the evolution of Kilha as an artist over the years. We can also expect to see Poetics return in the New Year to give us the entertainment we’ve dearly missed and the discussions that we appreciate in a safe space created by Kilha McQueen.


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