Exploring Beyond The Poetry With Poetics

Another new poetry event has hit the scene and once again we have everything you need to know out the Poetics open mic night curated by poets Kilha and Lilly, and hosted by the brilliant Poet RS. We have been impressed by the way poets, poetry lovers, and event organisers are bouncing back after the pandemic. Poetics launched their first event last Friday with an epic line-up of upcoming and established poets that were able to connect with the audience not only through their performances, but through their truths as panellists.


Wordsmith veterans Annotate, Neelofer, and Jemima Unspoken attacked the mic touching on topics of race, oppression, and navigating this great thing called life. Emerging poets that have been gracing stages across London since the return of live events include Mosh and Tartine who mellowed out the audience to create the perfect balance on the night. The open mic was blessed by the likes of King Fawaz, and the one and only Hollie Dee.

The idea behind Poetics was to create a safe space for new poets to interact with more established poets in a supportive, collaborative environment.

Kilha – Curator of Poetics

Poetics did exactly that with a panel session after the performances that allowed all the feature poets to explore each others experiences, and provide helpful tips on how to avoid common issues that all writers face from time to time including writers block, managing nerves, and pushing their live performances to new heights.

Standing on a stage in front of strangers or even people you know to share your poetry is a vulnerable moment for most poets. WE are by nature sensitive souls prone to big feelings. We take to writing down those feelings because for one reason or another their voice has been silenced.

Kilha – Curator of Poetics

The next event will be held on the 11th August at the Oasis Farm in Waterloo. Tickets have yet to be released, but what we do know is that events is not the only thing that the Poetics team have up their sleeve. They have a line-up of poetry workshops aimed to encourage youth to express through writing, and two poetry based publications in the works. Be sure to follow their journey via Instagram @poetics_open_mic for more updates on upcoming initiatives and future events.


Jemima – @jemima_unspoken

Feature Poets:

Tartine – @tartine__

Mosh – @moshiruu

Alix de Bretange

Special Guest Poets:

Neelofer Nova – @neelofer_nova

Annotate – @annotate_


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